Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Haury Family Mexican Adventure 2012 - Part One

Josh's parents, Jim and Kathy, came to visit Josh and I in Puerto Vallarta after we returned from our Yucatan adventure. We spent our time together sailing Estrella around Bandaras Bay, showing Jim and Kathy our stomping grounds in and around Puerto Vallarta, and visiting the Vallarta Botanical Gardens.

Since Jim and Kathy were staying at the Paradise Village hotel, Josh and I kept Estrella nearby at the Paradise Village Marina. We were docked at the end of the marina and close to where the local crocodiles hunted.

From Jim and Kathy's hotel room at Paradise Village, we had a view of the crocodile water slides. We did try them - and they were as hilarious as they look!

We took Jim and Kathy downtown to see the Puerto Vallarta malecon. The beach was full of beautiful sand sculptures created by local artists.

We went to the Vallarta Botanical Gardens for lunch and exploration of the grounds.

We had hibiscus tea and delicious pizzas at the gardens.

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