Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 9 - Chetumal y Museo de la Cultura Maya

Following our time at the Calakmul Archaeological Zone and Reserve, we headed east to the border town of Chetumal. Chetumal is on the border of Belize and is home to the lovely Museo de la Cultura Maya.

At the Museo de la Cultura Maya, there was a large exhibit on the different Mayan calendars. The above photo shows how three Mayan calendars intersect. The large red wheel on the right is the 52 year calendar and large orange wheel on the left is the 18 month yearly calender, (18 months at 20 days each for 360 days total, plus a 5-day "mini" month). The small orange wheel on the left has 13 marks and the meaning remains a mystery to us although the number 13 was considered lucky. Different important events, such as crop planting and religious ceremonies, were dependent on when calendars such as these intersected.

The above replica of another type of Mayan calender was on display at the museum. A tablet such as this was used in what is called the Mayan "long count." There are some who believe that the Mayan long count calender will end for good on December 12, 2012. Or that the apocalypse is coming. Or whatever ridiculousness. Really, I think that just because archaeologists haven't found the next tablet in line doesn't mean it isn't hidden somewhere in the vast expanse of jungle we have traversed in the past nine days.

We should also mention that we did add our names to the list of those who will survive the coming apocalypse. Let us know if you'd like your name added.

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  1. Nice to catch up on what you've been doing since October. Your mom set me down at her computer while Sabrina naps, Genevieve plays vet, and Benjamin prepares his pinewood derby car. I don't get the chance to do much reading, so I'm enjoying your travels vicariously. Much Love, miss you lots, Lori