Friday, February 11, 2011

Puerto Vallarta

On another adventure via the Puerto Vallarta public bus system, Josh and I headed downtown to the old part of Puerto Vallarta for lunch.

The trip took over an hour and needless to say, we were happy to get off the bus and head for the beach. Our first stop was the malecon, where we found a wonderful statue of Neptune (bottom), a pirate (middle), and a lady with a dove (top).

Since we happened to visit old part of town mid-week and almost off-season, the beaches were relatively quiet.

The remains of the winter sand sculpture season were still present. The sculptors continuously maintain their creations and accept donations for their efforts.

Our favorite sand sculpture was this highly detailed "grizzly" bear.

The malecon in old Puerto Vallarta also had bronze chair sculptures of either aliens or octupi, depending on your point of view.

Josh and I ended up at a delicious shrimp restaurant for lunch, which had a great view of Bandaras Bay.

After lunch, we stopped at the old cathedral two blocks from the ocean. This structure contained beautiful stain glass windows and was serenely quiet inside.

Upon exiting the old cathedral, this unknown priest stood perpetual vigil over his flock.

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