Friday, February 11, 2011

Bucerias y Punta Mita

Following our trip to the United States for the holiday season, I attempted to figure out the Puerto Vallarta public bus system. For those of you who have done so already, you understand that time, a good book, and spare pesos are the keys to this endeavor. Having already taken on the Mazatlan public bus system, I hoped for similar success in spending very little money and lots of time to go seemingly small distances.

I started out from La Cruz with a small juant over to nearby seaside town of Bucerias. With less then 20 stops in 15 minutes, I felt this to be a small victory at the cost of approximately $0.42. I happened to arrive on the day of the craft market and enjoyed a lazy stroll around the town.

The above wall displayed a nice cartoon version of Bucerias I found intriguing. The town square was full of interesting art and all sorts of folks out for a late morning walk.

Most people seemed to already be on the main beach in Bucerias. Eclectic waterfront restaurants were open and serving delicious seafood to the tourists passing through this otherwise quiet town.

After a relaxing morning in Bucerias, I hopped back on the bus and headed next to Punta Mita. The ride from Bucerias to Punta Mita (via La Cruz) took approximately thirty minutes and the bus seemed to stop less frequently. The road from La Cruz to Punta Mita was full of hairpin turns, precarious vehicle passing, and precious little room at the side of the road for waiting passengers.

Punta Mita is also home to a wonderful little beach and was full of tourists out for a walk on yet another beautiful day in Mexico.

Overall though, Punta Mita is more subdued and feels much less "Mexican" than Bucerias or La Cruz.

None-the-less, I spent the afternoon relaxing at a beachside palapa restaurant with a good book and a limonada.

On the way back to the Punta Mita bus stop from the beach, I spotted yet another delightful cartoon (paper) map of Mexico hanging on the wall of a local tour company. Gotta love Mexico!!!

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