Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Infamous Norweigian-Built Ursa Major: A Three Part Series

Three articles written by "Juneau Empire" reporter Klas Stolpe about the Ursa Major have recently become available online following their original publication in 2013.  Klaus was aboard Ursa Major in summer 2006 for a circumnavigation of Chichagof Island in southeast Alaska with (then) first mate, and (now) captain Josh Haury, who took over as captain of the Ursa Major in October 2006.

The three part series of his adventures aboard the Ursa Major in 2006 provide a well-written and humorous account of his trip, as well as a history of the Ursa Major, from her construction in Norway, to her times with the Mafia on the East Coast of the United States, and to her present day adventures in Alaska under the ownership of Dr. V. Joyce Gauthier.

Please click on the article titles below to read further aboard Klaus's adventures aboard the Ursa Major:

#1: The ABC's of Rudderless Travel, Part 1
#2: The ABC's of Rudderless Travel, Part 2: Heading to Baranof and Its Treasure of Bays
#3. Chichagof Island's Hidden Gems and Treasures

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