Friday, October 21, 2011

Regresamos a Mexico!

Buenas dias! We are back in Mexico for another season of winter cruising on S/V Estrella.

S/V Estrella lived at Marina de La Cruz, (just outside of Puerto Vallarta on Bandaras Bay), for the summer while we were in Alaska working on M/V Ursa Major. The above photo is of our typical sunset here in La Cruz.

A couple of weeks ago, supposed-Hurricane Jova made an appearance in Bandaras Bay. We took this photo the day of the storm - note the completely calm seas behind us.

In preparation for supposed-Hurricane Jova, we took the head sails off S/V Estrella, tied down everything that could fly off, and added extra dock lines.

Most of the boats in the marina had the same idea as us for supposed-Hurricane Jova, but in the end, we received 20 minutes of 20 knot wind and some rain.

Time was not to be wasted just on hurricane-preparedness. Beer needed to be consumed regardless of the weather.

We did enjoy the company of these mystery songbirds on our docklines during supposed-Hurricane Jova. They didn't seem too worried about the weather either.

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