Thursday, December 23, 2010


The last anchorage we visited prior to the holidays was the beautiful anchorage of Chacala.

Chacala is a quiet little fishing village with cheap fresh fish, restaurants on the beach, and grand cliffside homes.

The clean, white sand beach of Chacala.

The modest swell here turned out to be a favorite for surfers, boogie boarders, and puppies alike.

The home and offices of the port captain of Chacala. The best dingy landing spot in Chacala was at the panga ramp to the right of the port captain's home.

A few of the large homes in Chacala.

The colors of the homes and businesses in Chacala were vibrant and matched the surrounding flowers in bloom.

Now for some requisite photos of S/V Estrella at Chacala. First, the dingy: our primary means of transport to shore.

Our new "Estrella" nameplate for the stern, which we commissioned in La Paz before we left in October.

S/V Estrella at anchor in Chacala.

More of S/V Estrella at anchor in Chacala.

The beach at Chacala is seen here behind S/V Estrella.

Hanging out the laundry following a swim around S/V Estrella at anchor.

We found the best corn tortillas (ever!) in Chacala and suspect they were laced with bacon fat.

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  1. Love your adventures on Estrella! Keep posting, I'm taking notes on places the I want to visit some day!-- Alicia Bradley Baumann