Friday, November 12, 2010

Squid vs. Whale!!!

So, it's finally here. SQUID vs. WHALE!!! If you remember, Josh and I were involved in the filming of a National Geographic documentary last May in the northern Sea of Cortez. The subjects were sperm whales and Humboldt squid, the M/V Ursa Major was the vessel and Josh and I were the M/V Ursa Major crew for the production. More information on our filming adventure is a few entries further down our blog.

Check out the following link for SQUID vs. WHALE. Josh and the M/V Ursa Major are seen in the second (whale-based) short video above. We have yet to see the full episode, which aired yesterday twice and again next Friday, November 19th at 5pm EST on the National Geographic Channel. We will have DVD copies at some point of the full episode.


  1. congrats guys looks great. i'll make sure to watch it Friday. Wish I had some Haury hooch to sip while watching though