Thursday, October 28, 2010

O' Canada....

Now that Josh and I have made it to Mexico (as of 3.5 weeks ago), it seemed appropriate to finally update the blog with, (of all things), photos of our trip through the Inside Passage on the Ursa Major in September. More specifically, all of the following photos were taken on a sunny day in Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

This totem, located next to the Prince Rupert courthouse, is called "Eagle on Decayed Pole". It is the fourth version of the original "nishga" totem pole and was carved in 1978, depicting figures related to the migration of the Eagle people from the north.

This petroglyph is located next a Tsimshian (First Nations) longhouse in Prince Rupert.

A second totem pole located near the Tsimshian (First Nations) longhouse in Prince Rupert.

The above two photos of Kazu Maru memorial in the Pacific Mariner's Memorial Park are in rememberance of a Japanese fisherman lost at sea. According to a sign posted next to the vessel, "Kazukio Sakamoto left Owase, Japan, for a day of fishing aboard his boat, the Kazu Maru, and never returned. 18 months later the Kazu Maru was found empty and adrift off Queen Charlotte Islands and was brought to Prince Rupert where it was discovered to have come from Prince Rupert's sister city, Owase, Japan. The people of Prince Rupert have restored the boat and put it on display as a tribute to all those who have been lost at sea in the Pacific."

An interesting vessel docked near the Ursa Major in Prince Rupert. I found the style of the vessel similar to the Japanese memorial boat and the colors unique.

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