Saturday, January 23, 2010

Seattle to Connecticut (and back) Holiday Road Trip

Ironically, we did not take many photos during our road trip. There always seemed to be something exciting going on that photos couldn't possibly do justice to, or people took photos for us. Here is a somewhat random assortment of the ones that survived the trip:

Josh and his father Jim worked hard over the holidays in Connecticut to restore a vintage Red Wing boat engine, (which was estimated to be over one hundred years old). The engine was found by Josh in a Seattle machine shop and transported to Connecticut in our Ford Focus.

Josh fabricated new pieces for the engine in his father's basement machine shop, including check valves and a fuel can.

The newly restored engine, complete with new/old ignition coil (Model T), new battery, and new paint job. With the assistance of Josh's brother Mike, the Haury men were able to get the engine to turn over and fire on our last day in Connecticut.

Christmas in Connecticut: Emily, Josh, Jim, Kathy, Megan, Ellison, and Mike

Emily learning to fire the new family Nerf automatic machine gun. Note the fired casings on the floor adjacent to the gun tripod.

Josh, already a master of the Nerf automatic machine gun, pondering his next move against Scooter the family dog.

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  1. Nice post! Thanks for the news. Nice work on the engine, I can remember your dad helping me on my eagle scout project.