Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hard At Work in the Sea of Cortez

Josh and I have been busy at work on the M/V Ursa Major for the past month and have been cruising around the Sea of Cortez between La Paz and Loreto. Josh has been behind the camera lens taking beautiful photographs and as seen in the following photos, the wildlife viewing has been spectacular.

Remains of a conch shell on a beach in Bahia San Gabriel, Isla Espiritu Sanctu.

Josh enjoying a skiff ride early in the morning in Bahia San Gabriel, Isla Espiritu Sanctu.

Emily kayaking on Isla San Jose.

Sperm whales, (mother and calf), cruising in San Jose Channel on a calm morning.

Sperm whale breaching in San Jose Channel (part 1).

Sperm whale breaching in San Jose Channel (part 2).

Sperm whale breaching in San Jose Channel (part 3).

Sperm whale breaching in San Jose Channel (part 4).

More sperm whale activity in San Jose Channel.

Common bottlenose dolphin playing in San Jose Channel.

Honeymoon Cove, Isla Danzante.

Pilot whales south of San Jose Channel.

Baja geology in action.

Josh's foot amidst the mangroves of Isla San Jose.

Brown pelican mid-flight in Bahia Aqua Verde.

Giant manta ray in flight near Isla Carmen. Actual color does not reflect reality.

More giant manta rays in flight near Isla Carmen. Note wingtips on giant mantas.

Josh's birdseye view of the giant manta rays near Isla Carmen. Photograph taken from ratlines.


  1. You guys are driving me mad with your AWESOME photos! How amazing that you get to see these creatures of the sea while you work (or as your work.) Need any ballast? I work pretty good as ballast! :) lol

    Thanks for brightening my day! Alicia

  2. Hey Josh and Emily. Those are incredible shots of sperm whales. The are a leviathan I would love to see. And the colors on that ray. Is that atypical, or do I just need to stop chasing endangered frogs around and get back to the ocean? Glad to see that you guys are having fun down there. good beer is awaiting you when ever you return to our rainy Salish Sea.

  3. Hi Josh (and Emily)!
    Your mom gave Wendy and I the link to your blog when I saw her at my Mom and dad's new place a few weeks ago. I had to check it out and comment on the amazing pics! You are so lucky to have that beautiful view from the boat...quite the life! Enjoy!

    Hope alls well!