Tuesday, February 17, 2009

La Paz from an Ultralight Aeroplane

For Josh's Feliz Navidad present this year, I gave him a half-hour ultralight plane ride over La Paz. At the time, the ultralight plane was flying over La Paz on a daily basis giving rides to tourists. Then it vanished from the skies for four weeks. Nearly on the verge of finding a replacement gift, the plane reappeared on a nearby beach yesterday. Josh and I rushed over with his camera to find the pilot and his assistant working on the engine. The plane was back in business (and in working order) so we made an appointment for Josh to take a ride an hour later.

After verifying with her lawyer that she did have rights to survivorship over the boat should I not make it back, Emily took a parting photo and waved goodbye...

I did have a little trepidation at first. To any whom have taken a ride in a mexican taxi can attest maintenance is a activity best suited for tomorrow. The ultralight had seen many an enjoyable flight leading up to my adventure. Buoyed by that fact, and that a 85 year old man whom was the previous adventurer survived I set off.

I tapped the pilot on the shoulder very gently so as not to spook him, and indicated I would like to fly over Marina Palmira. He generously obliged with a steep turn to port that brought us over Estrella. The perspective 500 ft. above the water is breathtaking. It is easy to think of La Paz as a big city. From above however she looks like a somewhat sprawling small town. No big skyscrapers here, just a rugged desert punctuated with small ranches and a blanket of modest homes that is La Paz.

I have always felt that the best photos are the ones accompanied by a long story. This flight will be remembered in the future when people ask me how my foot came to be in this shot. Composition is essential to photography, this photo may never sell but will serve to remind me of a great adventure! Thanks Emily!


  1. Oh, how fun!

    Love the foot photo, Josh! Made me laugh!

  2. Now you know La Paz from land, sea, and air! FUN! I am living vicariously through you!