Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ensenada Grande et al...

Friday the 14th finds Josh and I leaving La Paz on the Ursa Major for the islands for a few weeks. Our first planned stop is the anchorage of Ensenada Grande on Isla Partida (just north of La Paz). We will be perfectly staged for a dive with friends at nearby Los Islotes on Saturday. Los Islotes is the home of a colony of California sea lions, which makes for amazing diving and wildlife encounters. We snorkled at Los Islotes last week and were frequently buzzed by juvenile sea lions. They don't seem to be shy at all around people who partake in their natural habitat.

Following our dive on Saturday, our time cruising in the islands will allow us to work on the Ursa Major. We will be busy painting, varnishing, and cleaning amidst fantastic scenery and unique exploration opportunities.

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  1. You guys have a fantastic time! You deserve some time alone. Take lots of pictures!